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Walking Aids Help Elderly Avoid Falls

Mobility aids are adaptive equipment devices used to increase independent mobility for special needs children and adults with disabilities or are recovering from injury. Variety of mobility aids, from pediatric rollators to walkers and crutches that provide the opportunity for improved walking ability. Walking and Mobility aids can make a huge difference with aiding an individuals independence. Choosing the right walking mobility aid can help to increase a person's level of confidence and safety when moving about both at home and outside. Walking sticks are regular companions to people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of the type of walking. Anything from a simple afternoon stroll to a rigorous multi-day hike through the woods can be aided by a walking stick.

Walking aids Supports for people with muscle weakness, joint disease or balancing problems. They include plain walking sticks, sticks with three or four small feet, light alloy frame ‘walkers’, elbow crutches and walking calipers. Mobility aids or mobility products are designed to allow patients or the elderly more independence when it comes to moving from one spot to the other. Most mobility aids do not require assistance or may require very little assistance, from a guide or a therapist, for the patient to use. Mobility Aids For The Elderly are products designed to accommodate and support patients and the elderly when walking. Examples of these products are walking canes and walkers. These items may also be prescribed for therapeutic reasons, especially to those who may be recovering from injuries or posture correction. Walking aids can be used in combination with mobility aids or can be used independently.

Tynor Walking Stick Soft Top Handle
Tynor Walking Stick with soft top handle is a walking stick especially made for patients who are physically challenged or weak or old enough to walk without support. It consists of special grade of aluminum which is responsible for its strength, durability and lightweight. It has a height adjustment feature ensuring proper load bearing and a pod which is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). It possesses an anti slip property enhancing its stability and comfortable grip that boosts patient confidence.
You can purchase Tynor walking stick with soft top handle at low price.
Tynor Walking Stick Soft Top Handle
Our Price :Rs 395

Tynor Walking Stick Soft Top Handle Features
Made out of sturdy aluminium
Light weight
Good weight bearing
Convenient handling
Pu coated
Perfect aesthetics
Long life of the coating
Available in multiple colors
Excellent workmanship
Good functioning

The Tripod Walking Cane is the perfect solution for the elderly, the physically challenged, or patients who have trouble walking, or standing. The tripod name comes from three robust legs, which provide balance and stability. The barrel and the handle are contoured and shaped to provide even weight distribution. The barrel has holes, allowing the user to adjust the height of the stick as per convenience. A walking cane is useful for weak or injured leg or have minor balance difficulties. Improper use of a cane can set off-balance. Using a cane properly makes walking safer and less painful.
Tripod Walking Cane
Our Price :Rs 550

High Strength and durability
Pleasant Aesthetics
Height adjustment feature
Anti slip pods
Light in weight
Good weight bearing
Long life
Excellent workmanship
Tripod Walking Cane
Aluminum tubing with steel welded low base
Comfortable hand grip
Height adjustable: 71.5-94.3cm
Base size: 18-22cm
Walking sticks used to be boring and restricted to a more or less single pattern. These days, sticks for walking support are available in various sizes and shapes. There are eve adjustable walking sticks made of various products such as wood, plastic or metal to choose from. These are considered to be perfect for people who are old or suffer from any type of disabilities. Adjustable sticks come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. People who are blind to certain colors can easily find a stick of a color of their choice. There are also sticks in neutral colors that can match any type of clothing, and are perfect for using in a corporate meeting, seminar, parties or even for casual morning walks.

There are two types of people use Walking Aids For The Elderly. Those who have suffered some injury or have pain the foot, leg or knees due to arthritis and need external support. Those, because of age (wear and tear) have lost balance of gait and require a third leg to support. The most important obvious reason is to support and help in balancing while walking when we get old. Its use adds to mental comfort, a sense of self confidence, dignity, style, prestige and so on also.
Elbow Crutches
Our Price :Rs 600

Elbow Crutches
Elbow Crutch with Strap is made up of anodized aluminum with telescopic height adjustment. It is designed as per bio mechanical principles for proper weight distribution. However, it is more durable due to its plastic sleeves which reduce the friction between upper and lower tube. It has total forearm support with nylon cliff with suction rubber tip for better grip on any surface.
For elderly patients & amputees.

Elbow Crutches Features
Better support and stability for elderly patients
Temporary ambulation with plaster cast
Patients using bilateral or unilateral limb orthosis
Amputees using a prosthesis
Ergonomic handle

Walking Stick Handles gives a firm grip to the hand. The fancy decorative shape of the handle portion of a walking stick depends only upon the manufacturer's imagination and the taste. Most walking sticks are thought of to be a straight, long stick either with a straight or curved handle but there are actually various different types depending on the individual need of the user. It is not the only type of mobility aid or ambulatory device but is among the most flexible, least cumbersome and easy to use.
Invalid New Folding Adjustable Walking Stick L Shape
Our Price :Rs 550

Invalid New Folding Adjustable Walking Stick L Shape
A folding walking stick to help elderly and disabled get around quickly and easily. Made of aluminium, adjustable height. Idea gift for those you love. Lightweight, compact & portable, Can be easily folded and carried conveniently. Ideal for senior citizens on the move. Buy now for lowest price online, free home delivery.

Invalid New Folding Adjustable Walking Stick L Shape Features
Made of aluminum
Lightweight but strong
Plastic 'L' shaped handle
4 section folding
5 sections adjustable height
Adjustable length 81 - 91 cm (32 - 36")

Reclining Wheelchair 609 GC

  • Our Price :Rs 9100

Reclining Wheelchairs are specially designed to allow a person to comfortably recline at incremental angles safely and comfortably. Typically used for accommodation of severe hip extension contractures, orthostatic hypotension, and pressure re-distribution for prevention of skin breakdown. Recliner Wheelchairs work better with elevating leg-rest; the user's legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort and health benefits. The “elevating leg-rest” are optional on some models. Reclining wheelchairs or tilt-in-space wheelchairs can make life easier for those with certain medical conditions. Reclining wheelchairs have a high back that reclines independently of the rest of the air, allowing the user to lie back in a more comfortable position. Tilt-in-space wheelchairs can move the seat, back, and leg rests together, allowing the user to move around with more stability.

For people with spinal cord injuries, the selection of a wheelchair and seating system involves many factors. This clinical perspective describes a model that includes consideration of the person, the wheelchair, the immediate environment between the person and the wheelchair, the intermediate environment of the home and work, and the community environment. Recliner chair are those who cannot achieve a 90-degree hip-to-back angle when sitting. For example, patients who have hip precautions following total hip replacement surgery, patients who have had cardiac surgery and might develop complications from sitting upright and patients who have orthostatic hypotension a condition where blood pressure dramatically declines when the person is brought to a vertical sitting position would be ideal candidates for Rainbow 8 Wheelchair .

Reclining Wheelchair 609 GC

Reclining Wheelchair 609 GC is one of the multipurpose chairs which boast of features like reclining, inbuilt commode, customized armrest and footrest and foldable nature of the chair.

Reclining Wheelchair 609 GC Features

  • The wheelchair can be folded within very easily within seconds, making it easier during travels and outings.

  • The backrest of the chair can be easily reclined, giving the user the freedom to relax by not moving up from the chair.

  • The footrest can be inclined and adjusted so as to make the user comfortable during reclining or otherwise.

  • A well paded thigh support is an add-on to the footrest.

  • The front and rear wheels of the chair are designed and placed in such a way so as to support the reclining of the user, making it a very safe and friendly wheelchair.

  • The inbuilt commode has its seat just underneath the main seat of the chair; it can be used by just removing the main seat.

Karma Econ 800 Wheelchair

The new multi-adjustable Econ 800 is a quality, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium alloy frame wheelchair. The swing-away and detachable footrest's calf length can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly. Combine that with its flip-back armrest for easy access to desks as well as easy side transfers and you will notice the added convenience in your life.  The New ECON 800 will make you and your wallet smile.

Karma Econ 800 Wheelchair Features

Karma Econ 800 Wheelchair

  • Our Price :Rs 15200

  • Footrest: Swing away height adjustable

  • Armrest: Swing back, padded

  • Wheels: Fixed, pneumatic tyres

  • Castor: Solid 8"

  • Brakes: Pull to lock and attendant braking system

  • Seat: Fixed height

  • Seat Sizes:, 18"x17"

  • Wheels Rear :24”

  • Seat Height 18”

  • Wheelchair Weight 14.9 kg

A reclining wheelchair is a type of mobility device similar to a standard wheelchair except that its back can be reclined. It is designed for people with limited mobility as a result of illness, injury, or disability who find sitting in an upright position to be uncomfortable or impossible. A reclining wheelchair allows several key parts of the device, including the foot rests and backrest, to be adjusted to accommodate various needs and positions. A high-back reclining wheelchair typically has a higher than standard chair-back with an independent reclining functionality allowing the user to recline from a 90 degree sitting position to a 180 degree position, enhancing re positioning and comfort while also helping to improve blood flow. High-back reclining wheelchairs can assist individuals who need extra support due to poor trunk stability, respiratory difficulties, severe multiple sclerosis, severe arthritis, quadriplegia, or muscular dystrophy.

A reclining wheelchair is similar to a light weight wheelchair but has the added feature of being able to recline the backrest. Aurora 4 Wheelchair have a high back that reclines independently of the rest of the air, allowing the user to lie back in a more comfortable position. They are commonly used by elderly who are using a wheelchair as their primary means of mobility. This can be for comfort and, when combined with a tilt feature, can reduce the risk of skin breakdown (ex. pressure/bed sores).

Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair

Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair

  • Our Price :Rs 13950

  • Frame Style : Fordable

  • Frame Material : Aluminium (Light weight)

  • Seat Width (inches) : 18"

  • Total width in wheel to wheel : 11"

  • Rear Wheel Size : 24"

  • Front Wheel Size : 7"

  • Seat to floor height (inches) : 20"

  • Seat Depth (inches) : 16"

  • Back height (inches) : 35"

  • Total height (inches) : 50"

  • Max User Weight Capacity (kgs) : 120

  • Upholstery : Cloth water-proof.

  • Armrest : Detachable, for easy transfer to bed.

  • Leg-rest : Detachable, can also be elevated & with calf support for added comfort

Karma Premium Wheelchair Aurora 3 wheelchair by Karma Healthcare Ltd to make it comfortable for the elderly and the disabled.

Karma Aurora 3 Wheelchair

  • Our Price :Rs 12500

Aurora 3 wheelchair has Ultra light weight aluminum alloy frame which make sit a very light wheelchair and easy to operate. It can be folded and kept away easily.

Karma Aurora 3 Wheelchair Features

  • Ultra light weight aluminum alloy frame

  • Seat width : 16"/18"

  • Weight capacity : 100 kg

  • Flip back armrest

  • Swing away footrest

  • 8" solid caster

  • 24" solid rear wheel

Karma KM 2500 Wheelchair are Easy to Push

Karma KM 2500 wheelchairs are a perfect solution for anyone looking for a lightweight portable frame, which features smaller rear wheel size, to allow more portability. Since smaller wheels are used with these chairs, they are designed to only be propelled by a caregiver or other individual, which explains why they are referred to as “companion chairs” in the industry. Chairs in this category weigh between 18-29 lbs., and most also feature swing-leg rests, and fixed armrests and side panels. The Lightweight Manual Wheelchair is an immense upgrade, over a heavy wheelchair that can cause condition to worsen and may also lead to further physical problems. In the last decade wheelchairs that are lightweight and foldable have become the norm in industry. Ranging from 29-34 lbs. KM 2500 wheelchairs, utilizing small caster wheel and lightweight materials, can tip the scale at as little as 13 lbs! Like transport chairs, travel chairs are geared towards stability and portability, but they’re even more convenient for those on-the-go.

KM 2500 Wheelchair feature four smaller wheels, rather than the large rear-mounted wheels that characterize standard wheelchairs, and their design ensures that they’re always foldable and convenient to carry.

Karma KM 2500 Small Wheel Wheelchair Seat and Back

AEGIS Microbe Shield Approved by the FDA, EPA, EU, etc., bonded anti-microbial barrier upholstery protects from odor, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. It is a shield for your health.

Karma KM 2500 Small Wheel Wheelchair

  • Our Price :Rs 13500

Karma KM 2500 Small Wheel Wheelchair Extended Armrest

  • By simulating the natural position of arms, the extended armrest design is ergonomic and creates bigger seating space.

  • An Ultra lightweight wheelchair (9.2 kg)  with a compact design for either attendant assisted or self propelling users.

  • The use of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and double cross brace provide this model with outstanding strength and durability.

  • Karma Healthcare KM-2500  Premium Wheelchair is amazingly light and compact transit wheelchair which is ideal for outings and travelers.

  • It folds down to take up virtually no space in the boot of a car and weighs just over 9.2 kg making it easy for anyone to lift into a vehicle.

  • Backrest folds-down for easy transportation.

  • Maximum user weight: 100 K.g.

  • Aluminium frame.

KM 2500 L Wheelchair Seat and Back

AEGIS Microbe Shield Approved by the FDA, EPA, EU, etc., bonded anti-microbial barrier upholstery protects from odor, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. It is a shield for your health. Karma KM 2500 L Big Wheel Wheelchair

Karma KM 2500 L Wheelchair

  • Our Price :Rs 14900

Karma KM 2500 L Wheelchair Specifications

  • Width  18"

  • Front/Rear Wheels    6" to 22"

  • Seat  Width  47cm

  • Seat Depth  40cm

  • Overall Width  66cm

  • Overall Collapsed Width  36cm

  • Armrest Height  21cm

  • Overall Length  90cm

  • Seat Height  47cm

Ergo Lite wheelchair is an ultra-lightweight wheelchair. It’s one of the lightest folding wheelchairs in the world. The compact and light design is ideal for easy handling by attendants. It is equipped with Karma’s unique S-Ergo seating system, which provides pressure relief and helps stop the user sliding down the seat. The Ergo Lite lightweight wheelchair is the ideal choice for those who need a simple, lightweight wheelchair for traveling around the city. The extremely lightweight S-Ergo Lite Transport Wheelchair weighs 8.16 kg and features an ergonomically-designed seat and backrest, making it one of the most comfortable transport chairs on the market. The folding seat and backrest make the S-Ergo ideal for storage or tavel, and the built in AEGIS anti-bacterial cushion provides added comfort and support.

Ergo Lite KM 2501 seat promotes pressure redistribution and helps prevent the user sliding down the seat. The Ergo Lite 2 still has the build quality would expect from a Karma wheelchair in spite of its incredible lightness. The user will be as safe as can be in this wheelchair without sliding from the seat.  In addition, there is a half folding backrest which allows the chair to easily fold. It's lightweight (8.5kg), easy to fold and provides a comfortable ride, thanks to Karma's clever seating design which helps to prevent the user from sliding forward on the seat.

Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair

The extremely lightweight Ergo Lite 2501 Transport Wheelchair weighs only 8.16 kg. and features an ergonomically-designed seat and backrest, making it one of the most comfortable transport chairs on the market. The folding seat and backrest make the S-Ergo ideal for storage or travel, and the built in AEGIS anti-bacterial cushion provides added comfort and support.

Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair

  • Our Price :Rs 24950

Despite its light weight, the S-Ergo features a 115 kg. weight capacity along with large, 14" flat-free polyurethane rear tires.

Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair Features

  • Lightest transporter on the market!

  • Patented S-Style Ergonomic Seat Frame

  • 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Only 18 lb . (w/ footrests)

  • Built in Silver Aegis Anti-bacterial Cushion

  • Fixed Armrests w/Concaved Armpads

  • Pocket Behind Backrest & Small Carry Pouch on Each Armrest

  • 6" x 1" Polyurethane Front Casters

  • 16" x 17" or 18" x 17" Seat Width

  • S-Style Ergonomic Seat

Ergo Lite KM 2512 with double bracing that can withstand weights of up to 100 kg. The Ergo Lite 2 has basic functions of the Ergo Lite but is upgraded with 20" rear-wheel options and detachable footrest.

Karma KM 2512 Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair

  • Our Price :Rs 28000

Karma KM 2512 Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair Features

  • Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair system provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduces sliding

  • The three-stage brake system allows attendants to keep the wheelchair at a standstill without bending over.

  • Foldable backrest and frame for effortless storage and transportation.

  • The armrest is designed to allow the user to get closer to desk-tops.

  • Swing in/out and detachable footrest adds convenience when the user needs to transfer in compact areas.

  • The Ergo Lite 2 weights 6 kg only after removing the rear wheels and footrest.

Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults

Hearing loss is a common problem caused by noise, aging, disease, and heredity. Hearing is a

Siemens Amiga 172 N Pocket Hearing Aid

  • Our Price :Rs 3271

complex sense involving both the ear's ability to detect sounds and the brain's ability to interpret those sounds, including the sounds of speech. People with hearing loss delay a decision toget hearing help because they are unaware of the fact that receiving early treatment for hearing loss has the potential to literally transform their lives. People with hearing loss as well as their significant others demonstrated that hearing aids clearly are associated with impressive improvements in the social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of people with hearing loss in all hearing loss categories from mild to severe. Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older adults.

Hearing loss is a common birth defect. A birth defect is a health condition that is present at birth. Birth defects change the shape or function of one or more parts of the body. Hearing loss comes in many forms. Hearing Aids can range from a mild loss in which a person misses certain high-pitched sounds, such as the voices of women and children, to a total loss of hearing. It can be hereditary or it can result from disease, trauma, certain medications, or long-term exposure to loud noises.

Siemens Amiga 172 N Pocket Hearing Aid

If hearing clearly is a problem for you then hearing aid is the solution you have been looking for. An apt product to get that desired clarity and lost confidence back. High quality device that is functionally and aesthetically advanced. Attractive and durable design, powerful to compensate mild to profound hearing losses. The  Siemens Amiga 172 N Hearing Aid is an attractive and durable design is powerful and flexible to compensate mild to profound hearing losses. The advanced technology of  Amiga ensures functional reliability and an extremely pleasant sound perception. With an extended frequency range, sound quality is improved to enable better speech discrimination. It has maximum power output of 140dB SPL / Gain 80dB. It includes high power to suit people who suffer from profound hearing loss.

Siemens Amiga 172 N Pocket Hearing Aid Features

  • Easy to use

  • Attractive and durable design

  • Pleasant sound perception

A Pocket Hearing Aid is a battery-powered electronic device designed to improve the hearing. Small enough to wear in or behind the ear, they make some sounds louder. They may help to hear better when it's quiet and when it's noisy.

Pocket Hearing Aids

  • Our Price :Rs 850

Pocket Hearing Aids

POCKET MODEL HEARING AID comprise one of the most comprehensive Hearing Device lines available and are designed to fit just about any lifestyle and hearing loss, Hearing Aids Products Are Developed Using Only The Latest Hearing Technology. Whether Your Needs Are For A Compact Portable Instrument Or A Full Functioning Clinical Instrument You Are Sure To Find A Product That Fits Your Needs. Pocket Hearing Aids Products Are Developed.

Pocket Hearing Aids Features

  • Versatile very sturdy for Moderately severe Hearing Losses

  • Also available for AVC version.

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India is among the leading players in India’s fast growing two wheelers industry. Among the vast line-up of models that HMSI boasts of, it has to be the Activa automatic scooter that can be credited with spearheading the bikemaker’s charge in the mainstream two wheelers market. Today, the Honda Activa is not just the manufacturer’s bread and butter model, but is also the undisputed ruler of the country’s fast growing automatic scooter segment. The Activa enjoys a high popularity and has been posting stellar sales figures almost ever since it has been on sale. The Honda Activa started its Indian innings with only one, 100cc variant. Now though, the Activa is available in two engine variants – 110cc and 125cc, and last we checked, the more powerful 125cc variant has proved to be almost as popular as the lesser priced 110cc sibling.
Honda Activa has been designed for the new era. It is a family two-wheeler or three-wheeler and features a higher load carrying capacity than similar scooters. Honda Activa is popular for its practical styling, ease of use, better ride quality and the excellent 102cc engine. Perfect in design and technology, Honda Activa Side Wheels is more than just a means of transportation. The Convenient Lift up Independent Cover (CLIC), adopted for the first time on a scooter in India, makes maintenance easier and faster, helping the rider to get back on the road much quicker than any other scooter. This feature enables the rider to easily lift up the Activa's rear body cover like the bonnet of a car.
Side Wheels For Honda Activa 3G - ARAI Approved
ARAI Approved Side Wheel Attachment for Honda Activa or Side Wheels For Honda Activa or Three wheeler for handicapped is product, designed for use with bikes meant for the open road. Instead of shifting with a foot, a rider can drive easily their bike on road using his or her hand. This piece of equipment has been tested at well-known motorcycle tracks. We provides assembly and installation for all of our products at our facilities in Indore. We conduct free consultations for all prospective customers to see how we can fulfill your specific needs.
We manufacture Side Wheel Attachment For Activa to fit the widest array of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles possible.
Side Wheel Attachment For Activa 3G

  • Our Price :Rs 11750

Side Wheels For Honda Activa Features

  • Independent Mobility

  • Minimal Cost

  • Heavy Duty

  • International quality standards

  • Comfort

  • High level of performance

  • Carrying Capacity: 100 -150 kg

  • Sturdy design

  • Provides excellent balance

  • Provides excellent support

  • High durability

Side Wheel Attachment For Honda Activa I - ARAI Approved
ARAI Approved Side Wheel Attachment For Honda Activa I or Side Wheels For Honda Activa I orScooter Wheels Attach On Side is product, designed for use with bikes meant for the open road. Instead of shifting with a foot, a rider can drive easily their bike on road using his or her hand. This piece of equipment has been tested at well-known motorcycle tracks. We provides assembly and installation for all of our products at our facilities in Indore. We conduct free consultations for all prospective customers to see how we can fulfill your specific needs.
Introducing Activa i, another vibrant creation that comes powered with the new Honda Eco Technology. Liberate yourself with a powerful 110 cc engine and brave all roads with an unbeaten supermileage. This compact, lightweight scooter.
We manufacture Side Wheel Attachment For Honda Activa I to fit the widest array of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles possible.
Side Wheel Attachment For Honda Activa I

  • Our Price :Rs 11750

Side Wheel Attachment For Honda Activa I Measurements

  • 2 Piece Tyre Size : 3.50 x 10 Inches

  • 2 Piece Tube Size : 3.50 x 10 Inches

  • 2 Piece Shocks Up Heavy Duty

  • 4 Piece ball baring

  • 2 Piece pin bush

  • 2 Piece mudguard chrome plated

  • 2 Piece Disk with 4 Hole

  • Wheel Type: Alloy Wheel

  • Wheel  Hub : Alloys Molded

Pressure relief mattress and bed pad systems prevent pressure ulcers, commonly called bed sores or pressure sores, by dispersing pressure away from bone protrusions via alternating pressure. Most systems utilize air chambers in their mattresses or pads. Air Hospital Beds are carefully designed for greater comfort and enhanced circulation. These medical air mattresses also play a pivotal role in preventing or treating serious ailments related to extended bed rest, such as pressure sores and skin shearing. The comprehensively equipped Air Hospital Beds provide caregivers with consistency and support positive patient outcomes. Hospital Air Mattresses can be a vital tool used by nursing staff, enabling them to help identify patients at risk and gauge the risk's severity by recognizing the six risk factors involved in preventive care.
In addition to these benefits, those sleeping on Hospital Air Mattress will wake refreshed. This is because the continually changing air pressure eliminates tossing and turning while keeping blood and fluid flowing for enhanced circulation.
Hospital Air Mattress

  • Our Price :Rs4500

When selecting an Air Hospital Bed, consider:

  • Turning

  • Size

  • Skin health

  • Safety

  • Transfers

Karma Airwave 3 Air Mattress
Karma Airwave 3 Air Mattress comes to your rescue, this one here comes with 8 major unique features which provide comfort, the built in technology manages alternate airflow which in turn redistributes your body pressure. The constant airflow helps to adjust pressure supply- making it very stable for you. It also features a cutting-edge mechanism that reduces noise and releases heat to provide comfort and it also complies with EN71 toxicity and safety standards..
Karma Airwave 3 Air Mattress Features

  • Features a built in airflow technology.

  • Redistributes your body pressure.

  • Comes with a cutting-edge mechanism that reduces noise and releases heat.

Medical Equipment Online and supplies are used in medical, dental, hospital, pharmacy, and clinical laboratories. Products range from simple bandages, tongue depressors, and syringes, to sophisticated diagnostic equipment and medical devices.
Digital Vacuum DV 200
The vacuum therapy device helps in mobilizing stubborn fat. Digital fat simulator breaks down excessive accumulated fat adipose tissues. Once breakdown fat is easily converted into energy and consumed by body.
Medical Equipment Online

  • Our Price :Rs 17200

DV 200 Ideal for :

  • Helps in reducing cellulite from body.

  • Deep Vacuum therapy.

  • Enhances the movement of lymph fluid.

  • Stand glass cup for vacuum suction.

  • Specifically used for areas like thighs and buttocks.

  • Increases energy levels.

  • Stimulates metabolism.

  • Aiding the removal of toxins and waste products.

  • Weight loss when combined with diet, exercise and other body treatment.

A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits. The device is propelled either manually (by turning the wheels by the hand) or via various automated systems. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability. The wheelchair is made from many components ideally chosen to meet the needs of the person using the chair. The reasons to choose a wheelchair and the options available are as varied at the people who will use them. The most important thing before purchasing or renting a wheelchair is to make sure it will best fit the needs of the individual who will be using it. The best way to do this is to work with a wheelchair specialist (e.g., occupational therapist or physician) who can advise on many issues.
A wheelchair assists people to become more mobile and independent. There are many different types of Buy Wheelchair that are used for various reasons. It is important to understand the limitations and safe operation of whatever wheelchair you choose.
Fighter C Wheelchair

  • Our Price :Rs 4750

Fighter C Wheelchair Features

  • Frame Style : Foldable

  • Frame Material : M.S.

  • Out to out width in open position (inches) : 26"

  • Seat Width (inches) : 18"

  • Total width in closing position (inches) : 9"

  • Rear Wheel Size : 24"

  • Front Wheel Size : 8"

  • Seat to floor height (inches) : 19"

  • Seat Depth (inches) : 16"

  • Back height (inches) : 18"

  • Total height (inches) : 35"

Karma Healthcare information systems become increasingly crucial to clinical care and hospital operations, CIOs are under significant pressure to prioritize their resources appropriately.
Karma Automatic BP Monitor
Karma Automatic BP Monitor World's only BP Monitor with patented AFIB technology that detects Atrial Fibrillation. Advance and Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor with BHS A/A Protocol Compliant and Clinically Tested for Cardiopatic, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, Dialysis Patients with MAM Technology (3-Reading Average Mode for Reliable Results)
Karma Automatic BP Monitor

  • Our Price :Rs 5500

Karma Automatic BP Monitor Features

  • BHS A/A Protocol Compliant

  • Clinically Tested for Cardiopatic, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, Dialysis Patients

  • MAM Technology (3-Reading Average Mode for Reliable Results)

  • Measure Pulse Rate

  • 200 Reading-Memory with Time and Date

  • Accurate Calibration

  • Large Display

  • Rechargeable Battery-friendly


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