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Disabled scooters are steered using the tiller which is similar to a bicycle or motorbike handlebar. The tiller is usually adjustable, depending on the model, and can often be dropped down for transportation. Mobility scooters are driven using the thumb or fingers pushing or pulling a lever. This control is called a "wig wag" and works on the "see saw" principle. If the forward lever is pushed, it is the same as pulling on the reverse lever, and vice versa. Some models are driven by pushing the lever with the thumb, whilst others are driven by pulling the lever with the fingers, like a bicycle brake. A Delta handlebar means that both forward and reverse can be controlled using the same hand. This is fitted as standard on some disabled scooter models and available as an optional extra on others.
Handicapped Two Wheeler: also known as Bicycles or Mopeds, are a great, low-noise, zero-emissions form of transportation that are also suitable for persons with limited mobility.  2 wheel scooter or moped is classified as a power-assisted bicycle, thus in most states (depending on motor size).
3 wheel scooters: Ideal for using indoors, especially in the home or in a shop, as they have a smaller turning circle than the equivalent four wheel model, which makes them easy to maneuver. Four wheel disabled scooters were previously perceived to be more stable but, due to technological advances, there is very little difference in stability between three and four wheel scooters these days. Most mobility scooter manufacturers offer three and four wheel versions of the same model.
Side Wheels For Honda Activa 3G - ARAI Approved
ARAI Approved Side Wheel Attachment for Honda Activa or Side Wheels For Honda Activa or Three wheeler for handicapped is product, designed for use with bikes meant for the open road. Instead of shifting with a foot, a rider can drive easily their bike on road using his or her hand. This piece of equipment has been tested at well-known motorcycle tracks. We provides assembly and installation for all of our products at our facilities in Indore. We conduct free consultations for all prospective customers to see how we can fulfill your specific needs.
We manufacture Side Wheel Attachment For Activa to fit the widest array of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles possible.

Side Wheel Attachment For Activa 3G

  • Our Price :Rs 11515

Side Wheels For Honda Activa Features

  • Independent Mobility

  • Minimal Cost

  • Heavy Duty

  • International quality standards

  • Comfort

  • High level of performance

  • Carrying Capacity: 100 -150 kg

  • Sturdy design

  • Provides excellent balance

  • Provides excellent support

  • High durability

Side Wheel Attachment For Activa 125 - ARAI Approved
ARAI Approved Side Wheel Attachment for Honda Activa 125 or Side Wheels For Honda Activa 125 or Side Wheel Attachment Kit is product, designed for use with bikes meant for the open road. Instead of shifting with a foot, a rider can drive easily their bike on road using his or her hand. This piece of equipment has been tested at well-known motorcycle tracks. We provides assembly and installation for all of our products at our facilities in Indore. We conduct free consultations for all prospective customers to see how we can fulfill your specific needs.
We manufacture Side Wheel Attachment For Activa to fit the widest array of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles possible.
Side Wheel Attachment For Activa 125

  • Our Price :Rs 11750

Side Wheel Attachment For Activa 125 Measurements

  • Frame : 38 mm 16 Gauge CR Pipe  With Powder Coated

  • Wheel  Hub : Alloys Molded

  • 2 Piece Tyre Size : 3.50 x 10 Inches

  • 2 Piece Tube Size : 3.50 x 10 inches

  • 2 Piece Shocks Up Heavy Duty

  • 4 Piece ball baring

  • 2 Piece pin bush

  • 2 Piece mudguard chrome plated

  • 2 Piece Disk with 4 Hole

say to girl

Sad still have to work overtime, and she did not know the caller can not feel the world collapse in a moment looking for someone to talk to mood.

I go a few blocks to find a pharmacy, on the road, suddenly remembered Rachel in Friends fleeing forced marriages, just beginning their lives to the laundry room laundry. She told Ross that I know say it is too exaggerated, but this time, I think I can own a laundry I can be independent. I know that there are too many boys, with their rational point of view, this argument is too naive. But sometimes, we too need a definitely better let us stick to it, maybe the future will have a lot of pass let us suspect, retreat, but the moment, this is my true feelings.

My new colleagues, boyfriend soldier in a far away place that is not very far away, but to see the side is still very difficult. She said that in college, only write once, for six months without any news, keep hope, constantly disappointed. Later he called his mother, and they knew a mission out. She said that when there is no blame her boyfriend that she can say in any case, the worst of times over. She does not know what the future will be the boyfriend of professional work, no one bought her house, save for the deposit, but she waited so firmly. In such a long wait, perhaps a lot of the boys is not what it seems to happen, but there is always the girls will not do these things in tears.

One of my friends, friends of friends. I have every time I see her, she is drunk with the. She used to be an unhappy went to relax for a week in Yunnan, a person at home at night drinking bottle of red wine, like pink, like the bow of a girl. Well, who is never at a young age love with a jerk. She was pregnant, the child's father does not want her children do not, she insisted was born, we do not agree, that this is not enough for the child accountable. She went back home, she had been rebellious, had a falling out with the family, but she was finally back home. Now, together with her parents shrimp. She said the family hurt this child, she says she does not like shrimp, but she wants to fend for the child, she said she also hopes to have the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Love apartment Sekiya said he did not want his plan was disrupted. Nobody likes, just like her. Unplanned child is unexpected, turn of events, however, resistance to no avail. Who can guarantee that we have the development of the plot will follow as planned, the final outcome must be that we want? I remember my sister's wedding, the girl saw my sister when entering the red eyes. We can not guarantee that we will be with loved ones have the best outcome, but after the sadness, life always want to continue.

I'm at home, I felt like a child my mom now, let us go out every stay. My dad called me and said to go to Hebei, buy a lot of dates, you want me to go home to eat. I joked with my sister, I say this kind of thing where there was not. I told my mom, I lived in the room next to the girl over her mother take care of her. My mom, but my family could not get away, or I have to give you cook, the afternoon went to part-time parts. Why do I say that part-time, my mom fool, I do part-time and help you pay the rent, earn a little bit. My mother used to be teachers, that moment, I think my mom is really strong heart people. She was to us, gave up work, and my dad had together raised fish, those years, black, old lot. However, she did not think she has done much for the family contribution, she put itself very low, she firmly supports my dad, I believe my dad. Further quarrel, has not changed.

My mother told us that in the future no matter what kind of person you marry, determined not they do not work, rely on people to support you no limbs broken, do not ask you more promising, but at least be able to support themselves. I know, hard on the outside world, there are a lot of the time, the girl will say, do not wait, and find someone to marry. I know a lot of the time, the girls will be with her boyfriend, I quit you support me. However, after complaining too, who is not regroup and clean up the old mountains and rivers. I have around two friends got married, I knew that the boy always wanted their future boss, do not want to work for someone else, I asked the girl, she said, no matter what he wanted to do, I do not stop, at least I have a work time and then the poor, I can also feed the two of us. At that moment, I knew she really loved him. Conversely, not to say that this boy is bad, in making a decision when there are how many are standing in the perspective of two people standing family perspective.

We all have dreams to achieve, not necessarily better than the man on the girl's noble.

My boys always around me say, Cock wire seeking girlfriend. I know that this world there are a lot of girls, when you care about birthday gift value of geometry, you are not concerned about car and house loans without deposits. I know, now you do not have money, not success, you blame the girl too materialistic world. But in fact this society has no shortage of good girl. They become more independent, to support themselves, just like you struggle in this world, they do not care when you do not send birthday brand, but you also do not appear when they are needed. Love has always been a belief insist that you can not satisfy both the substance can not be in the spirit of caring, then you have what is the point of them?

I write this article, not to say a bad fellow men, standing in a girl's point of view, I can not always understand your world, your value definition. My article only gave me those lonely courage, perseverance adhere to good girls, they always look forward to a better life in the future.

The Word "No." is a Complete Sentence

Ever since I can remember I have found it difficult to say “No.” And I have been in many situations in which I have done things that I have not wanted to do because I have been unable to express my own wishes due to believing that I need to please the other person and that there will be consequences if I do not.
And this fear of displeasing another person and how that would feel to face this in the moment of saying “No” is what has come up time and time again, and has felt very disabling, so that when these circumstances have arose, I have allowed these data to override my own wishes. And this has always felt very uncomfortable and disempowering.
As a woman, I have found it most difficult to say “No” to men. The consequences of this have ranged on a scale from incidents of sexual assault to allowing men to hug me when I have not wanted to be hugged. And there has been an under mutter of belief that I do not have the right to say, “I do not want to be touched.”
When I listened to my first talk by Candice O’Denver I knew I was listening to a woman who was completely capable of saying “No.” In fact, in one of Candice’s talks she teaches how the word “No” is a complete sentence.
As I listened more to Candice’s talks and became more involved with the Four Mainstays of Balanced View, I was deeply inspired by the empowerment of those who had been in the Training along time and how they were able to speak up and say “No” to many things, such as “No” to self-depreciation and the belief that they are flawed, “No” to hurting others with speech and action and “No” to violence and suffering on a global scale. And amazingly, just by showing up to the Four Mainstays, by showing up to Open Meetings, online Video Conferences and trainings, by spending time with the community and by taking support from my trainer, I saw myself feeling more and more able to say the word “No.”
First of all, I said “No” to my belief in the independent nature of data from open intelligence. And the way I said this was not by arguing with all the thoughts that said there was something wrong with me. Instead I simply took short moments of relaxing mind and body, whenever this data arose, and allowed the data to be as it is. Basically, I stopped giving this data stream any attention and instead I focused on the natural stability of open intelligence and my capacity to be of benefit.
And because I was less and less preoccupied with the data of not feeling good enough, many of the situations in which I had been harshly judging myself as wrong started to open up and I began to see things as they truly were. For example, I was able to acknowledge that my ex-boyfriend had indeed raped me and I filed a police report. And I was completely supported by my personal trainer and the empowering experience of the entire lineage of Balanced View trainers.
More recently, the confusion I have had about whether it is ok to say, “I do not want to be hugged” or not, has completely cleared up because I took support from a Balanced View trainer who gave me the perfect demonstration of how to simply say this clearly and without any self-concern. Just a few days following this teaching from her, I had the opportunity to say this to a man who I had been speaking to in depth. It was the first time I had met him, and he was from a country where it was normal to hug and kiss on the cheek when departing. He instigated this final relation between us and I simply said, “I don’t want to hug.” It felt so empowering to do so and I saw that my assurance in how I chose to relate was powerful and demonstrated the stability that I now have as open intelligence. I know that when I do things I don’t want to, there is always some resistance and the message I communicate is one of disempowerment, and so I feel it is important that as human beings we choose to honour ourselves and what we see is of most benefit and that doing so exalts us and everyone we relate with. I am so grateful to be able to do this now and to finally feel so relaxed about it. And I am so grateful to share my experience with others and to recognize the incredible empowerment that has come from my commitment to open intelligence and the Four Mainstays of Balanced View.
Hello Y´all!

I have been using cilest tablets for nearly a year now, my boyfriend has always used condom, but I have heard for friends that its not necessary to use condoms. How effective these pills are against pregnancy?? We both want to have sex without condom but we are both scare of a surprise in the future time.

I thank you all of you for any advises you could give us,

Very sexually frustrated.. What can I do?

I have been going through a lot of adjustments including stopped having sex for more than 3 years. I broke up with my boyfriends and I relocated twice. I also went from job to job and I have been dealing with my own anxiety over my instability in my career.

Now I live with my parents because I cannot sustain myself. I go through moodswings and I have to hide my feelings a lot from my family. I went through periods in my life where I had to learn about sex through watching porn because I had to relocate so many times and I was not able to build any long lasting friendships or relationships. My dad was over controlling and I did not really start to date until I went to college. I was too shy to really date around but I started to develop a sex life when I lived in NYC. However, I had to move in with my family to save up money and I am now that shy social hermit again. AND I am very sexually frustrated.

I realized later in my twenties it was not a very healthy way of looking at sex (respectable way). I also started having sex more often and I stopped watching porn. Nowadays, I find I get horny more often as I am dating while living with my parents. I am now in my thirties. I find I want to just go have sex with a stranger due to my own frustration and anger I feel towards my family. I feel like they took my young single twenties away from me. I know it is very teenager like of me.

Would it be wrong to fall back into my old habit of watching porn whenever I get horny? I have tried to work out often and I filled up my life with hobbies but I get very lonely at times. I am also afraid I might not remember how to have sex when I am serious with someone again.

Opinion on a guy situation??

Okay so, there's a guy I've been hooking up with on and off for about a year. We're friends more than we hook up but there's always sexual undertones. Around last September-ish I started really falling for him, even though I knew it was just a hook up for him (he had always hooked up with other girls during all this, but it was always just him for me). When he started seriously talking to another girl and eventually started dating her in November, I told him everything - how much I liked him, how jealous I was, how I couldn't talk to him anymore if he was dating someone. He sort of listened, but he'd randomly contact me via social media and send irrelevant texts. I didn't talk to him until Christmas, and once I'd contacted him again, he felt that it was okay and increasingly started talking to me again. Some of the things he'd say were sexual and I called him out on it for having a girlfriend, to which he responded that he didn't know how much longer they'd be together because he didn't like having a girlfriend.

Long story short, we both went back to school early, hung out almost everyday, he told me he and his girlfriend were on a break and tried to hook up with me but I said no because of the girlfriend, then they officially broke up at the end of the week and we slept together. Wouldn't be a big deal, but it was the first time we had ever actually had sex. He'd always turn me down because I was a virgin, so we would just do other things. So that really threw me off guard because he'd been so against it and all of a sudden changed his mind after a year. We've slept together once more since then, also. The weird part about it all though is that he's been acting really different lately - he's been actually holding conversations with me, initiating most of them, we've eaten together a bunch of times, he's bought me food and groceries, we've run errands together and he's slept over a few times without trying anything. He's told me that he liked me more than his ex-girlfriend, ended a phone call with 'I love you' which has never, ever come out of his mouth, and while we were having sex the last time he mentioned something about having kids. We were drunk during that so he probably didn't realize what he was saying but the fact he even said it at all really messed with me. 

I don't expect anything from him since he's made a point of emphasizing that we're just friends multiple times. But I can tell a difference in the way he's acting and when I brought it up to him, naturally he denied it. Thoughts on any of this? Or am I imagining things because I still kind of have feelings for him?

All signs point to...?

Alright, so I have a close friend that I recently hung out with after he returned from interning in another country. I was thinking it'd just be a regular hangout, but some things happened that made me wonder whether or not he likes me as more than just a friend...

Details under the cutCollapse )