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Advice for those who need it.
Welcome to Girl Advice! If you need advice, we are here to help

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If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the community, you can contact the mods here at girladvicemods. All comments on this post are screened.

Community promotions are only allowed after obtaining moderator permission. Please post on our maintainer site here if you would like to promote your community.


1. We want this to be a helpful and supportive environment. This means drama, disrespect, harassment, discrimination, flaming, or trolling will not be tolerated.

2. When posting on an open forum, please remember that you will be receiving advice, not validation. We are a diverse group of people coming from different backgrounds and experiences. You may not always hear what you want to hear. Please remain respectful to the comments that you receive. If you receive a comment that is disrespectful or particularly upsetting, please contact one of the moderators here. All comments on this post are screened.

3. Do not delete, screen, or freeze comments unless you are one of the community moderators.

4. Do not re-post locked entries to snark communities. Doing so will result in being banned from the community

Posting Guidelines

girladvice is on moderated posting. To ensure that your post makes it onto the community page, please be sure to follow our posting guidelines.

* The community covers a wide variety of issues, so as long as you are asking for advice or support, your post will be on topic.

* All photos must be placed under a lj-cut

* Videos, inappropriate photos, spam and weblinks are not allowed.

* We do not endorse the use of illegal substances. We will reject posts that ask about getting high or obtaining drugs.

* Health questions are allowed. However, we are not doctors. Please keep this in mind when asking about health issues, as we are not fit to diagnose or dispense proper medical advice. If you feel that you are in a real medical emergency, please seek out the appropriate medical attention.

* "Add me" posts are not allowed.

* Please make sure that your post is legible and in reasonably correct English. The does not mean we will reject your post for a single grammatical error, but people tend to give better advice when they can read and understand what it is you are asking for.

* Your post must be standard size, in black text, and with no background color. Having colored or oddly sized text is difficult to read on the community page. Bolding or italicizing a few words is fine but do not change your entire text.

* Lengthy posts should be placed under a lj-cut. This saves room on both the community page, and members' "friends only" pages. Anything longer than a couple of paragraphs should be under a cut.

* Instructions for making a lj-cut can be found on the LJ FAQ here

If your post has been rejected, please check the Live Journal notification message that is sent to you, as we explain why your post has been rejected. You are free to resubmit your post after the required change(s) have been made.